APR 15 J2 Massage and Purple Sprout Cafe will host Earth Day with Free Food and Drink

What could be a better reason to get together than helping Mother Earth?

10:30 am - Picking up trash at the Forest Preserve behind Riverside Plaza
11:00 am - Complimentary Soup or Smoothie for those who helped with Preserve clean-up
11:15 am - Kids' Plant-your-own-Microgreens and Make-a-Smoothie ($7 per participant)
11:45 am-1 pm - Food and Drink Samples|Vendors|Socialize

We'll have the wonderful book Gaia and the Golden Toad: A Tale of Climate Change available for reading and purchase.

Feel free to join in at any time! Please bring kids!!!

Purple Sprout Cafe will be sampling out (while supplies last!) delicious warming soup, rejuvenating Fountain of Youth green juice, and the famous raw sugar-free Chocolate - all made from wholesome organic ingredients!
Growing Healthy People/Grow Well Farms will show how to plant seeds and grown greens in your own house.
Chiro One Wellness Centers will do spinal and postural screenings, and also talk about any symptoms attendees may be experiencing and ways of correcting them.
J2 Massage will offer complimentary chair massages.
doTERRA Essential Oils will be represented so you can sample different oils and find out how they can help you.
Citizens Climate Lobby will talk about what you can do to help the Earth and how you can build the political will for good climate policy.Earth-day-PIck

Julia Tarnorutskaya

Julia is a Massage Therapist who loves the intricate workings of the body. Her hopes are to help people achieve relaxation, which in turn, leads to better health and well-being.

Grayslake, IL