INFANT/ PEDIATRIC MASSAGE CLASSES Join us and learn techniques that will help your little one gain weight, sleep better, and develop into a happy baby!

Benefits of
Increased bonding
Increased body
Improved muscle tone
Improved speech
Helps parents relax

This course is a set of educational and hands on classes that will
teach caregivers with children from birth to 23 years of age, how to
better interact and bond with a child.
Infant Massage Classes offer an opportunity to teach massage to
the parent, sibling or caregiver of a child. Not only is it a great
bonding experience for all parties involved, but it is an excellent
first step to building a healthy life. This experience will also provide
caregivers with tools that can give young children relief from
digestive and physical growth pains.
While taking the classes, caregivers will learn massage strokes
and how those strokes provide a variety of benefits for the child.
How to massage your baby to provide relaxation for better sleep
and comfort as well as stimulation for brain development and body
The instructor will be showing how to perform massage strokes by
using a life size doll. We let the caregivers work on their own
children, giving them great hands on experience.IMAG0854--2-

Julia Tarnorutskaya

Julia is a Massage Therapist who loves the intricate workings of the body. Her hopes are to help people achieve relaxation, which in turn, leads to better health and well-being.

Grayslake, IL