New Pediatric Services

J2 Massage would like to Inform our patrons that our Pediatric Massage therapist will be adding Additional Modalities in Pediatric Massage. We will be offering Massage for Pediatric Cancer. as well as Massages for Infants that had or are experiencing Trauma. (NICU)(PICU). The Therapist also offers: Public Pediatric Massage Education Pediatric Massage Pediatric Trauma Massage, (Physical, Physiological, Surgical, Psychological, NICU, PICU). Pediatric Massage for Cerebral Palsy

Julia Tarnorutskaya

Julia is a Massage Therapist who loves the intricate workings of the body. Her hopes are to help people achieve relaxation, which in turn, leads to better health and well-being.

Grayslake, IL