Swedish Massage: A light pressure massage using 5 basic strokes: Effleurage
(gliding), Petrissage (kneading), Friction, Tapotement (pounding), and Vibration. This is a very relaxing, general massage to relieve stress and ease tension.

Deep Tissue Massage: Focuses on realigning and loosening deeper layers of
muscles and connective tissue. This is done by using Myofascial release and Trigger Point Therapy. Deep Tissue massage is focused on one specific area such as neck, shoulder, or low back. Relieves chronic pain and addresses issues like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, injury relief, joint pain, whiplash and headaches.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy: This style of deep compression massage is
an American adaptation based on ancient forms of barefoot massage. This technique is delivered with the therapist’s bare feet, while using overhead bars for balance and support. The foot is broad and allows a smoother deeper massage than can be done with the thumbs, hands, or elbows. Trigger points, scar tissue, and chronic soft tissue damage can be located and efficiently treated with little pain and deep relaxation. Not appropriate
for pregnant women and people with serious health conditions.

Pre & Post Natal Massage: Expectant moms experience unique physical and emotional changes that occur as a result of increased weight, shifting
posture, and adjusting hormone levels. While this is a beautiful period of heightened expectation and joy, mothers-to-be also endure heightened
physical discomfort that ranges from muscular tension and headaches, to pressure on the hips and knees. Prenatal massage is a natural, touch therapy treatment aimed at alleviating these and other pregnancy related symptoms.
Postnatal massage is an important part of good health for you and your new infant. By increasing circulation, massage enhances the postpartum healing process and aids the body in realignment. The emotional and de-stressing effects actually decreases the stress hormones in the mother’s body, which is transferred to the infant through breast milk and increases the baby’s overall well being.

Public Pediatric Massage Education: An Educational and Hands on Classes
that will teach Caregivers with Children from 6 weeks of age to 3 years, on how to better interact and bond with the child. The class will also teach hands on techniques on how to massage their baby, to provide relaxation for better sleep and comfort, stimulation for brain development and body growth. This experience will also provide caregivers with tools that can give young children relief from digestive and physical growth pains.

Pediatric Massage: Is a globally used technique that provides positive touch
theory to children from the ages of 2 years to 23 of the age. This technique encompasses all children, helping kids relax, grow and reach their best physical performance. Pediatric massage also helps children with chronic health conditions like Asthma, ADHD, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, or emotional or physical trauma.

Sports Massage: Sports massage is usually done pre or post workout using compressions and stretching. This is a fast paced session focusing on
loosening and warming the large muscle groups used in sports activities.

Aromatherapy: Essential oils are the pure “essence” of a plant. When used
properly, the oils can provide both psychological and physical benefits. When applied to the skin, the oils are absorbed into the bloodstream. The aroma of an essential oil stimulates the brain to trigger a reaction. The components of the various oils aid in a variety of physical and mental conditions. Blending oils can have a further reaching effect than that of each oil working alone.

Reflexology: Is a massage technique that is derived from the Chinese form
of medicine. This form of massage relieves tension and treats illnesses. Based on the theory that there are reflex points on the hands, face, and feet, that are linked to every part of the body. This massage is performed without lotion or oil and maybe used on patients with Contraindications.

Hot Stone Massage: Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on key points on the body. The stones are also used to massage the body. Many people find
the warmth of the hot stones to be comforting and get it for relaxation. Hot Stone Massage is also suited for people who have muscle tension but prefer a lighter massage. The heat relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist to work the muscles without using deep pressure.